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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions The use of the website and other websites of the Company-Owner of (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and any services offered thereof assume full and unreserved acceptance, and the validity of each of the General Terms and Conditions described below (hereinafter referred to as the Terms). Please read the Terms carefully and refrain from accessing the Website or from using any service offered thereon if you disagree with any of the Terms.

A person or a company that needs an accommodation for a short-, mid- or longterm stay (hereinafter referred toas the User), can search it on theWebsite and enquire for availability and price indicating the dates and number of people to come. If the following Terms are accepted, the User can access the promotional plans offered by the Website to book accommodation(hereinafter referred to as the Right of reservation)owned and provided by an individual or a company (hereinafter referred to as the Owner). The acceptance of these Terms creates all obligations enforceable by law provided that all the requirements for its validity are complied with, in accordance with the Act 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and ElectronicCommerce. The Terms can be written in Spanish or English (or any other languages if needed) but the only version legally valid is the Spanish language version.

Right of reservation  The Website promotes a range of properties in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, USA,  through its online system. In order to book accommodation, the User shall make a reservation online by paying a reservation deposit. A reservation deposit shall be paid by credit card through the payment system of the La Caixa Bank or via wire transfer to the account of the company in the LaCaixa Bank. Once received the reservation deposit, a confirmation email thereof generated by the Website shall be sent to the User, from that time the Terms become effective. The Terms give the User assurance that the accommodation is reserved and can be occupied by the User for the dates stipulated in the booking-confirmation email and the voucher. The reservation entitles the User to occupation by the number of people stipulated in the booking voucher. In no case may the User add occupants without the prior consent of the Owner stipulated in the booking voucher. If this clause is not respected, the Owner reserves the right to terminate the contract between theOwner and the User or apply changes on the booking, including additional charges.

Payment  A reservation deposit shall be paid in order to guarantee the reservation. It shall be paid to the Website either through the Online payment system of the Website by La Caixa Bank or via aBank Money Transfer (through your own bank). La Caixa, the bank of the Website, guarantees you maximum safety and complete confidence when paying online. The balance, as well as the security deposit, shall be paid directly to the Owner or person in charge of the accommodation appointed by the Owner. The method of payment is established by the Owner at his/her own discretion. The User is responsible for checking the details of the balance and security deposit payment on the Website or requesting the details from the Website before reserving accommodation. We recommend cash payment, as not all the Owners have credit card payment systems. The User shall get in touch with the Owner before the arrival in order to agree upon the check-in time and payment methods with the Owner. In case of not paying the balance, the rent does not come into effect. 

Cancellation   The reservation deposit paid for the booking will neither be refunded nor transferred towards a posterior booking. Please contact the Website if there is any doubt. If a total or a partial payment of the total rent is required in addition to the reservation deposit and it has been paid, the terms of cancellation of the booking of a particular accommodation described on the Website shall come into effect. Shall the User have any doubt, he or she shall contact the Website before reserving accommodation. The website informs you that there are companies that provide specialized cancellation insurances.

Shall the Website be unable to provide the accommodation booked by the User due to a force majeure situation or by Owner´s fault, the Website shall propose an accommodation of an equal or superior level (comparing with the originally booked accommodation). If the customer is not satisfied with the solution proposed by the Website, the contract between the User and the Website shall be cancelled and the reservation deposit must be reimbursed to the User; the transaction fees shall betaken off the reservation deposit.

Cleaning Fees  The frequency of cleaning and the obligatory fees related to the cleaning are mentioned clearly in the description of the accommodation on the Website. It will be directly added to the total cost of the stay and appear under the respective name in the fee description that the User receives by e-mail.

Check in / Check out  The standard check-in time is mentioned in the listing of the accommodation on the Website. Extra check-in or check-out can incur additional charges at the discretion of the Owner. The check-in arrangements shall be agreed on  directly with the Owner as he or she or a person in charge of the accommodation appointed by the Owner will meet you at the address of the accommodation provided by the Owner in order to give you the keys. You will pay the balance of the rent and the safety deposit either upon arrival or prior to arrival, depending on the accommodation unit, and will check the state of the accommodation with the Owner upon arrival. Upon departure, the Owner will check state of the accommodation and will return you the security deposit, shall no damages been caused, either in cash or via bank transfer, depending on the accommodation unit.

Safety deposit   At the check-in, a safety deposit against damages of the accommodation will be asked either by the Owner or by the person in charge of the accommodation appointed by the Owner. Its value is specified in the information of the accommodation details and is fixed at the Owner´ s discretion. The User is also responsible for damages caused by the User or any third party interconnected with the User to a value higher than theSafety Deposit. We recommend cash payment, as not all the Owners do have card payment system. Upon departure, the Owner will check state of the accommodation and will return you the security deposit, shall no damages been caused.

Behaviour  The User is responsible for the behaviour of him/her and any third party interconnected with the User in the accommodation and any effects caused by the behaviour. The Spanish law punishes the people for the noise at night or inappropriate events.In case of non-respectful behaviour, the police can intervene and order the eviction of the occupants. The Website insists on the obligation to behave properly and respect rights and tranquility of the neighbours. For any serious violation hereof, the Owner reserves the right to break the contract between him or her and the User without any notice and without refunding the rent fully or partially.

Disclaimer   The Website is not a party of any contract and/or agreement between the User and the Owner or the person in charge of the property appointed by the Owner neither directly nor indirectly; neither the Website is is involved therein nor responsible therefor. In case of a dispute, theUser relieves the Website from any dispute, responsibility, claim or liability of any kind related thereto or arising therefrom.

The Website is not responsible for any fraudulent activities being perpetrated purportedly in the name of the Website and/or its employees and/or the Owners of the properties posted thereon including but not limited to the correspondence circulated via email, mail, fax and falsly stating that it has been issued by the Website and/or its employees and/or the Owners of the properties posted thereon. Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of an e-mail, letter or telephone conversation generated supposedly by, for or on behalf of the Website and/or its employees and/or the Owners having their properties posted thereon, please contact the Website before taking any further action in relation to the correspondence. If you have received such a communication it is strongly recommended that you just ignore it, and do not respond to it or communicate further with the person who sent the email/letter to you.

Web The website is not liable for the accuracy of the data of the properties and setting thereof, as it believes in good faith both of theOwner and the User; and that the data and the setting are correct. The website recommends the User, before entering into any accommodation agreement and accepting any terms, to check the accuracy of the data announced.The responsibility for the posted-data accuracy is borne by the Owner and the User that ignored the warning to check the data. The leading language of the website is English, all the descriptions, policies and any other texts translated into other languages are provided for information purposes only. In case of a doubt, please, consult the English version.